Timeless Tile Trends for Bathrooms

No longer seen purely as a necessity, bathrooms nowadays are much more luxurious – a place where pampering overrides purpose. They’ve become the perfect room to escape, relax, and take time alone to unwind from another busy day.  

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, then choosing the right walls and floor design is just as crucial as choosing the right suite. Sure, there is a level of practicality to consider when designing your bathroom. But you want your bathroom to be about comfort as well as durability, a space where you, your family and your guests will feel relaxed. 

And because renovating a bathroom to a good standard isn’t cheap, you want something that will last – something that’s a long-term investment. That means taking time to consider your options carefully, not just rushing into the latest trend.  

Tiling is something of a must for bathroom walls – that’s unless you’re happy to repeatedly apply paint thanks to damage from water or steam. Tiles are also super easy to clean, with one wipe down often sufficient to keep your room free from dirt. As a minimum, you should tile the splashbacks behind your basin, around your bathtub and in your shower unit to keep water away from your plaster.  

But what colour tiles will work best within your available space? How can you make your small bathroom appear larger? Most importantly, which of the current styles will continue to look amazing in a decade?  

Fortunately, when it comes to tile trends, some looks never get old. Here are our top tips for a timeless tiled bathroom that looks fabulous from top to bottom! 

Nothing says timeless quite like white

It’s so true, with white being the shade most popular for bathrooms since the dawn of… bathrooms! While greys, creams and even avocado shades will come and go, white has never gone out of fashion and likely never will. Thanks to its fresh, clean appearance and versatility to complement just about any other colour going.  

Whether it’s floor tiles, wall tiles, vanity, bathroom suite or entire fixtures and fittings, white works wonders.  

So if you’re in doubt about the best colour schemes, we suggest choosing a white bathroom suite to avoid one of those “What was I thinking?” moments later down the line. 

You can then pair this with any tile colour combination you choose, whether it’s light or bright, plain or patterned. Check out our simple but stunning Monaco glazed blanc ceramic tile, with 10 contemporary shades to choose from.  

Classic wall-work

_When it comes to wall styling, several timeless trends spring to mind. Traditional brick effect tiling never fails to impress. If you’re opting for white tiles, make it look extra stylish with contrasting coloured grout.  

Large tiles bring a modern look to your bathroom space and have stayed on trend since their emergence at the end of the last century. 

To make your wall more of a feature, flip those rectangle tiles around to create a herringbone pattern – you could even switch up the colours for added vibrancy.  

Or choose from a wide range of patterned and decorative tiles to really set your bathroom apart.  

Flooring that stands the test of time

If you’ve kept your bathroom suite white, then the world’s your oyster when it comes to floor tiles.  

Wood-effect porcelain tiles not only bring a natural look to your space, but they’re also a timeless classic and are more practical for bathrooms than real wood due to their moisture resistance.   

Alternatively, if the rest of your room is decorated in subtle tones, you may want to introduce a patterned tile to create a statement from your floor upward. A mosaic-style design using hexagon shapes or tiles with a printed pattern looks sensational, particularly with a vintage style bathroom suite – think claw foot bath.  

For a modern vibe, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful dark limestone tile; comfortable, pleasing on the eye and extremely easy to maintain too.  

And for a stunning, clean and luxurious look, polished marble from floor to ceiling looks amazing and is sure to create that wow factor.  

For more timeless bathroom looks, check out some of our beautiful bathroom projects for inspiration.  

Getting it right

Remember, whether it’s your floor or walls being tiled (or both), many materials are only water-resistant, not fully waterproof. Using a professional fitter who understands the correct installation and sealing methods is recommended to ensure maximum water protection.