5 Inspiring Kitchen Trends For 2024

As our homes evolve, so do the spaces within them. In 2024, the heart of the home is witnessing a resurgence of vibrant colours, luxurious materials and innovative designs. Let’s explore the top 5 kitchen trends that will define the coming year, along with our recommendations to bring these trends to life.

Warm, Rich Colour Palettes

2024’s kitchen trends are embracing warm, rich colour palettes. Beiges, browns, burgundies and deep blues and greens are stepping into the limelight, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Our recommended tiles:
Lawkland Antiqued Limestone
This tile brings elegance with its warm tones, creating a charming foundation for a kitchen space. The antique finish adds character and depth.

Marseille Decor Seventeen Porcelain
Inspired by the rich palette of Marseille, these porcelain tiles offer a variety of colours to play with. The striking designs add drama to your kitchen.

Travertine Sabbia Natural Porcelain
The soft hues of these porcelain tiles provide a perfect canvas for the warm colour palette. This Italian tile replicates natural silver travertine stone for a sophisticated feel.

Dramatic Marble Look

Marble, a symbol of ageless elegance, takes centre stage in 2024 kitchen trends, as homeowners are embracing the unique veining and movement of this organic beauty.

Our recommended natural marbles and marble look porcelain tiles are:

Corinthian Honed Marble
Classic Corinthian marble with a honed finish creates a timeless appeal. The subtle veins add sophistication, making it a perfect choice for countertops and floors.

Venetian Chequer White and Nero Marble
These marble tiles bring a dramatic flair with their intricate chequer pattern. The contrasting white and black add visual interest and a touch of luxury.

Onyx Ivory Matt Porcelain
These porcelain tiles offer a matte finish with a modern touch. The ivory tones bring a sense of purity and opulence.

Outdoor Kitchen Spaces

Seamless transitions from indoor to outdoor spaces are a growing design feature among kitchen trends. Large sliding doors, similar materials and complementary colour palettes create a connection with nature.

Our recommended tiles:

Matina Anthracite Exterior Porcelain
Perfect for outdoor spaces with matching interior tiles, these porcelain tiles in anthracite offer durability and style. The 20mm thickness for the exterior tiles ensures they can withstand outdoor elements.

Beton Pearl Exterior Porcelain
The pearl finish adds a hint of sophistication to your outdoor kitchen. These porcelain tiles bring a seamless flow from inside to outside.

Capri Beige Inside & Outside Porcelain
With a beautiful beige hue, these porcelain tiles create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for both indoor and outdoor kitchen spaces.

Warm Woods

Kitchen trends of clinical aesthetics take a backseat as warm natural wood tones make a comeback. Textured cabinets with high natural patterns introduce an organic air to kitchens.

Our recommended tiles:

Fiorino Natural Elm Porcelain
Embrace the warmth of natural Elm with the Fiorino collection. These porcelain tiles bring the charm of wood into your kitchen with a contemporary touch, ideal for creating a cosy and inviting ambience.

Harewood Oak Porcelain
The Harewood Oak Porcelain tiles capture the essence of oak with their authentic wood grain pattern. A perfect choice for those seeking the timeless appeal of oak with the durability of porcelain.

Norway Natural Reclaimed Porcelain
Infuse your kitchen with the character of reclaimed wood. The Norway collection offers natural tones and textures, adding a touch of rustic elegance to your kitchen space.

Textured Tiles

Texture is becoming a focal point in kitchen trends with ridged or embossed tiles. Adding layers to the space, these textured tiles create a ‘wow’ factor.

Our recommended tiles:

Saturn Muretto Warm Natural Porcelain
These warm natural porcelain tiles bring a subtle texture to your kitchen walls. The muretto pattern adds interest without overwhelming the space.

Osaka Kit Kat Porcelain
These matt or glossy textured tiles create an updated and refined look. Choose from more neutral colours to ensure an effortless integration into various kitchen designs, or opt for something more vibrant to make a real statement.

Castello Aztec Lappato Musk Porcelain

The lappato finish infuses these textured tiles. The Aztec pattern brings a hint of the exotic to your kitchen, creating a unique visual impact.

Embracing Kitchen Trends

It’s time to transform your kitchen into a stylish and functional space that reflects the latest in design aesthetics. Terzetto Stone provides a curated selection of tiles to help you bring kitchen trends to life, ensuring your space remains both a functional hub and a visual delight.

You can visit our website, request a brochure and place an order online. We also showcase a number of our tiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Be sure to follow us for offers, ideas and much more.

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