The Mesmerising Beauty Of Onyx Tiles

Marble is renowned for its beauty, glamour and elegance, but it has one sibling stone that provides its own seductive and mesmerising beauty. Onyx tiles offer delicate veining, visible stratas and varying hues, with translucent layers suggesting a sense of endlessly shifting colour and depth. In addition to a flat and durable surface, its magnificent textures and vivid shades make onyx tiles nothing less than a work of art.

The Origin Of Onyx

Onyx is a gemstone formed over centuries by spring water or groundwater containing an abundance of calcite. As the water emerges at the mouth of a spring or drips down from cavern ceilings, the minerals crystallise and form a crust. Nature’s gradual work results in delicate layering, with different levels of impurities creating that truly enchanting three-dimensional effect.

These processes are so common that onyx has no one birthplace, forming everywhere from Uruguay to Pakistan, Germany to Australia, China to Greece, where it got its name. The stone is even mentioned in the Bible, as a resource found in the land around the Garden of Eden! It’s no wonder onyx tiles have proved so popular in interior design, turning bathrooms and hallways into a designer’s paradise.

Design Ideas For Onyx Tiles

You could spend hours looking at onyx, which immediately creates a sense of opulence. Onyx tiles in a hallway or living space add an automatic wow factor, whether you’re using them to make reflective flooring or a captivating accent wall. A fireplace surround is another way to draw the eye and demonstrate intriguing colours without dominating the room entirely.

Our selection consists of porcelain tiles mimicking onyx textures, providing the same stunning look but keeping the durable, water-resistant and easy-to-clean properties of porcelain. This great material makes an ‘Onyx feature’ truly affordable, something you can use to make your kitchen or bathroom look spectacular. Elegant bathrooms are the perfect environment for these materials, as they create a sense of absolute luxury perfect for a bubbling hot bath or shower, whilst the range of colours gives you a choice of rich hues to match your current aesthetic. These colours can also enrich the mood of your space, especially when combined with the strength, security and healing traditionally associated with the stone.

A Rainbow Of Colour

Our onyx porcelain tiles come in some vibrant colours that can match any pre-existing scheme. There are five colours to choose from, including an almost luminous ivory, blue, green, pink and even an inky black. Although black is generally opaque, onyx tiles reveal different shades of blue and thin lines of gold, available in a high sheen polished tile or a softer natural surface. Discover our gallery of onyx porcelain by heading to our website and scrolling through the opulent hues that can transform a home or commercial space.

Terzetto Stone

Onyx-effect porcelain is not the only addition to our new ranges! Visit our website to view our tile library or head to one of our five showrooms to see our tiles in person.

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