Green. Everyone’s favourite

Calming, soothing and comforting. Just a few ways how the colour green can make many of us feel. It does, after all, remind us of the splendour of nature and all of the glorious connotations that go along with it. It’s not surprising that many of us are using the colour green, to help bring life into our homes, making it one of the most popular colours in the world of interior design.

With shades ranging from mint, olive, lime and sage, it is easy to see how the use of green tiles help to make your kitchen and bathroom, ooze with drama and personality.

Using green tiles against natural colours, such as a crisp white or a subtle beige will make your walls pop and stand out due to the contrast between tones. Similarly, where you may incorporate natural materials into your space, such as a worktop, cabinets or flooring, a green tile will bring out the richness of that material and complement its texture. This especially works well when using hardwood, which is dark in colour.

If you currently or are thinking of having flooring that is also neutral in colour, green in any shade works well upon the wall. A neutral coloured floor and green walls will effortlessly make your room more open and welcoming. If you are wanting to achieve a very traditional look, consider a tile which is a dark botanical shade of green to create a rich taste that can be applied to a single wall or the entire room.

Below are just a few examples of colours that we believe work well with green universally. A good point to remember is that even the smallest touch of colour can go a long way.