Create A New Look With The Latest Tile Trends

Fashion trends can be a great source of inspiration! Of course, there isn’t one new look that’s universally in style at any one time, but experts in interior fashions have produced a selection of truly beguiling aesthetics for you to peruse by researching the latest tile trends.

Colour And Style

Let’s think generally. You might struggle to find any room-specific guidance for places other than the kitchen or bathroom, so look at the most general tile trends and discover which ones suit your chosen aesthetic. You can decorate your hallway or living room with as much freedom and panache as you want, with a selection of broad styles to help you make your decision!

Colour is filling fashionable homes once again, with a particular emphasis on pastels, such as sage, mint, rose and sky blue. These paler shades suggest a more light-filled, spacious and optimistic setting, whilst the various colour associations can imply the calm depths of the ocean or a springtime positivity.

These echoes of the natural world are firmly associated with the sustainability aesthetic, a new style which prioritises durability and recalls the rich, earthy tones of the outdoors. For instance, our rich Harewood flooring brings with it the hues and textures of the forest, whilst our numerous limestone options promise long-lasting and timeless flooring.

You can also add something extra by incorporating intricate patterns, as new tile trends feature interesting designs that draw the eye, from the soft swirls of the Fiorino Maiolica tile to Italian-style Terrazzo. The world is yours with these versatile new tile trends!

Kitchen Tile Trends

Porcelain and stone tiles lend themselves perfectly to kitchens, which are often a hub of activity. Natural stones are making a comeback in the kitchen, as designers remember the charm of worn and gently coloured flagstone floors. Many renovators achieve this effect with a tumbled effect ‘stone look’ porcelain, reminiscent of the modern country kitchen or a vintage cottage interior. Wood look tiles are also a popular choice, as they bring with them character and a sense of warmth, as well as an attractive nod to sustainability and the outdoors.

Meanwhile, wall patterns are getting brighter and bolder, with patterns, textures and colours in vogue. There might not be much tile space between worktops and cabinets, but there’s still the potential for a splash of colour or a mesmerising pattern, whether that’s a Marseille motif or a relaxed Castello Warm Mix.

Bathroom Decorating

The contemporary bathroom is moving away from monochrome, although black and white tones continue to offer a sense of elegance and dynamism. Instead, we’re turning towards optimism, colour and added interest.

We have a variety of classic limestones and light wood look porcelains to help create a relaxed and positive atmosphere ideal for a bathroom. You can also use wood-look designs as wall tiles, combining the sustainability aesthetic and the new style for patterned accent walls throughout the home. From dark hexagons to the ancient appearance of our Castello Aztec range, Terzetto Stone & Porcelain features a whole host of patterned bathroom tiles that match up wonderfully with the current tile trends, producing an interesting, fashionable and attractive bathroom aesthetic.

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