Discover The Possibilities With Our Favourite Outdoor Porcelain Floor Tiles

Have you considered adding neat, sophisticated porcelain tiles to your garden? With hard-wearing outdoor porcelain floor tiles, you can break up the monotony and direct attention towards colourful and interesting garden features in inventive and unexpected ways. That being said, simple patios and poolside areas can also shine with the right colours and textures!

Brainstorming Uses For Outdoor Porcelain Floor Tiles

A checkerboard of tiles in alternating colours is an eye-catching, elegant and timeless decision! It echoes a classic interior design, the stark contrasts between tiles suggesting a contemporary boldness. Other ideas include a grid pattern, with intersecting strips of grass or gravel visible between each tile. Small gaps are common in tile paths, with the spaces between tiles implying a whimsical stepping-stone effect. Alternatively, you could use outdoor porcelain tiles as a stage for garden features you wish to draw attention to, such as a decorative vase or a statue.

However, you don’t have to forsake simple, classic designs in order to make a beautiful addition to your outside space. Not everyone is interested in precise geometric patterns, preferring a plain terrace or unadorned pool perimeter. Choosing the perfect material enhances even the simplest design.

Excellent Tile Choices

Stepping stones, sunbathing terraces and patios all benefit from our outdoor porcelain floor tiles, such as the authentic Dorchester, a slab possessing interesting, slip-resistant textures and available in four subtle shades: beige, cloud, grey and stone. These gentle tones reflect the understated colours present in nature, perfect for the more understated tiling design. Similarly, the Italian Dune selection comes in subtle grey, silver and sand colours, as well as a more dynamic black option.

Provence and Jerusalem porcelain tiles offer something slightly different, each boasting an intriguing texture. Provence imitates limestone, with intricate veins and fossils decorating the ivory or ecru surface. Jerusalem exterior porcelain tiles in almond and silver also draw on timeless limestone characteristics, with soft, tumble effect edges and a non-slip surface. Investigate tiles like these for a fascinating level of detail that enriches the whole patio area.

Emphasising Continuity With Outdoor Porcelain Floor Tiles

Large format flooring emphasises continuity between interior and exterior design, encouraging the possibility of outdoor living spaces or even a garden room with matching wall and floor tiles. Our Florence and Matina exterior tiles come in this large format and can be used for the walls and the floor. They are both highly practical, bearing an anti-slip surface and anti-bacterial properties that keep the area hygienic and free from microbes. The Florence tile comes in five rich natural colours, including cloud, dusk and dawn, while the Matina encompasses dark to light tones with Nero, anthracite, grigio, silver and sabbia shades.

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