Tiles For A Romantic Pink Home Decor

Pink is everywhere this Valentine’s season, from rose blush to powder pink. We’re celebrating with our favourite tiles for pink home decor, including designs inspired by France, Japan and Italy! Of course, pink isn’t the only romantic colour. Keep an eye out for our crimson offering…

Onyx Pink Porcelain

Our Onyx Pink Matt Porcelain has a mesmerising quality.

It’s a porcelain tile made to mimic real onyx, a beautiful stone featuring striking veining and layers of colour. Here you can see shifting pinks in translucent layers, creating an almost three-dimensional effect.

Few designs showcase this kind of natural beauty. It’s suitable for walls and floors in wet or dry areas, so you’re free to introduce it anywhere in your space. It could act as an intriguing accent wall or be a luxury floor in jewel-bright shades.

Thanks to its flat nature, it’s ideal for commercial and residential buildings. There is also the option of a polished finish for an extra reflective surface.

Catalan Glazed Pink Ceramic

What if you’re looking to add a touch of pink to a wet area, like a bath or shower room?

Our Catalan Glazed Pink Ceramic tiles are waterproof, working beautifully as a sink splashback or bathroom wall. These small rectangular bricks can be arranged in different formats, from traditional brick bond to herringbone.

You can focus on our warm feminine pinks or mix them with cooler tones from the collection to create a balanced, harmonious feel.

Osaka Kit Kat Powder Pink Matt Porcelain

Minimalism will never go out of style. If you prefer a simple and sophisticated pink home decor, explore our Osaka Kit Kat Powder Pink Matt Porcelain.

These tiles are inspired by peaceful Japanese designs, with a subtle pink colour. They’re a rectangular shape, coming in a 600 x 300mm size that makes them easy to install in a small space. They’re arranged in a simple stack bond format, suggesting neatness and order, while the textures add a pleasantly tactile surface.

Venice Plain And Terrazzo Pink Matt Porcelain

Alternatively, incorporate some interesting patterns into your pink home decor with Venice Terrazzo Pink Matt Porcelain.

These tiles are modern porcelain, but they imitate original Italian floors. You can pretend you’re relaxing on a Venetian terrace as you admire the distinctive designs, which feature tiny segments of white, black and deep pink set against a lighter pink background.

Terrazzo tiles add instant character, which you can contrast with our simpler Venice Plain Pink Matt Porcelain. We also have both designs in green, so you can combine the two to create springlike green and pink home decor.

A Crimson Alternative To Pink Home Decor

Some prefer red to pink, so we’ve brought in the Monaco Glazed Crimson Ceramic.

This tile is a rich, deep red, reminiscent of love and passion. Like the Catalan Glazed Ceramic, it can be used for wet places like a splashback or en-suite bathroom, or as a beautiful bedroom or kitchen feature.

You might also wish to mix and match with other tiles from our French-inspired Monaco collection, which includes white, grey, pink and several shades of green and blue, all drawing on natural hues.

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