Get Inspired With A Look Back At A Tile Renovation In York

Embarking on a home renovation in York, Terzetto Stone had the privilege of supplying an array of exquisite tiles, which came together to shape this contemporary project. A combination of styles worked together in harmony, blending classic wood, captivating marble, rugged stone and sleek concrete effects throughout various spaces. If you’re planning a tile renovation project of your own, you might want to take inspiration from the various aspects of this grand design.

Grand Entrance To Cosy Corners

Welcoming guests, the grand entrance adorned large-format 1200 x 1200mm Saturn Natural Powder Bone Porcelain tiles, illuminating the lobby. Transitioning seamlessly into the heart of the home, the kitchen, living room and cloakroom embraced a slightly smaller 800 x 800mm variation, maintaining a spacious and airy ambience.

The sitting room, snug, office and utility areas found harmony in Fiorino Natural Elm Porcelain planks, capturing the essence of hardwood floors. Paired with Urban White Porcelain tiles, a popular concrete effect, the spaces throughout this tile renovation exuded modernity and style.

Ascending to the upper part of the property, the open gallery showcased Fiorino Natural Cypress Porcelain, introducing a darker wood tone for a traditional yet timeless aesthetic. This wood effect plank selection echoed the charm of a classic wooden floor.

Bathing In Opulence

The family bathroom indulged in Onyx Silver White Porcelain, a polished tile mimicking authentic onyx. The gleaming surfaces added charm and character, transforming the bathroom into a stylish haven.

The master ensuite called for a distinctive combination of Basilica Oro Porcelain tiles, which make a statement from the moment you step into the room. Inspired by Italian Calacatta marble, these tiles embraced a natural finish on the floor and a polished finish on the walls. The pièce de résistance came in the form of Macchia Polished Book Match Porcelain, a striking and unique marble effect tile with bold grey and gold veins.

Al Fresco Serenity

The tile renovation extended to the outdoors, where Dorchester Stone Exterior Porcelain laid the foundation for an authentic and textured patio. This exterior tile, offering slip resistance, was complemented by the bordering elegance of Dorchester Cloud Exterior Porcelain.

Design Ideas for Your Haven

Incorporating these effect tiles into your tile renovation project brings not only aesthetic allure but also practical advantages. Wood effect tiles like Fiorino Natural Elm Porcelain offer the warmth and authentic feel of hardwood floors without maintenance concerns. Embrace the luxurious charm of marble effect porcelain such as Basilica Oro or Macchia Polished Book Match, adding opulence to your space minus the delicate care that real marble demands.

For outdoor spaces, Dorchester Stone Exterior Porcelain provides the perfect blend of authenticity and safety. The textured finish mimics natural stone, ensuring slip resistance without compromising on style.

Beyond these selections, Terzetto Stone boasts an extensive collection of effect tiles. Consider exploring alternatives like Harewood Oak Porcelain for a rich wood ambience or Beton Ecru Exterior Porcelain for a contemporary urban edge.

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