Upgrade Your Home With Fashionable Limestone Floor Tiles

Limestone floor tile make for versatile, practical flooring that’s always on trend. This wonderful, sophisticated natural stone tile complements any aesthetic and is available in a beautiful array of neutral colours and distinct styles. 

Keep It Practical

There is always the temptation to buy beautiful flooring even if it’s of poor quality or is inappropriate for your purposes. However, your artistic ambitions will come to nothing if you end up with scratched, stained tiles after just a couple of months. 

Limestone floor tiles not only look gorgeous, but their naturally porous surface can be treated with sealants, helping them to stay hygienic and stain-free. We at Terzetto Stone can advise on the best quality sealers, grouts and cleaners to protect your chosen hue and finish. Limestone floor tiles are a popular choice for the ground floor, especially as they are much easier to clean than you might imagine and stains can be wiped away with ease. 

Think About Your Options

Think outside the box with this beautiful, versatile substance, available in countless styles, textures and shades.

For example, limestone floor tiles are unexpectedly smooth underfoot, a pleasant hard wearing surface that could easily replace a carpet. Consider using this flooring in a living room or a space which does not traditionally use stone or wood for a stylish twist. 

Alternatively, forget about restricting your decor to just one room. It is becoming more commonplace to see floor tiles linking different rooms together in a seamless and sophisticated layer of natural stone. In fact, you can use limestone floor tiles to link interior design with outside flooring, as some limestone floor tiles are also suitable for patios and walkways.

By having an uninterrupted flow of tiles from your home to your outdoor area, you set the stage for a living space out in the open air, a relaxing place to sit and enjoy the sunshine during the summer months. Once you have ensured that your chosen tile is frost-resistant and appropriate for cold weather as well as warm, there are no limits to what you can do!

Limestone floor tiles are also compatible with underfloor heating, so you can feel the warmth under your feet inside your home when the temperature begins to drop! They really are the perfect flooring for all seasons.

Keeping On Trend With Limestone Floor Tiles

At Terzetto, we pride ourselves on our extensive assortment of popular designs, from the grey-blue tones of Amalfi Honed and Tumbled tiles to aged Madras limestone, reminiscent of flagstones in an ancient country estate and coloured with sage, grey and amber undertones. Both grey limestone floor tiles and flagstone floors are accelerating kitchen trends which will never look outdated. We are also proud of our lighter, warmer products, in taupes, corals and creams, such as our Ashlar honed and Tumbled or Biblical Antiqued and Pillowed products. Limestone floor tiles are an investment and a delight, no matter which colours you choose to suit your aesthetic. 

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