Transform Your Home With Timeless Wood Effect Tiles

Wood effect tiles can transform the overall look of a home. Immerse yourself in the different grains and knots of this ancient building material, simulated in practical, easy-to-clean porcelain tiles.

The Ancient Appeal Of Wood Effect Tiles

Timber has always been popular, ever since the Stone Age. Even with the advent of other materials, it has stayed in high demand – the associations with forest groves and historic mansions imply an intimate relationship with the outdoors or a luxurious vintage decor.

Your household design options are limitless with these wood effect tiles. Rough grains can tap into the rustic style while other woods can provide a sophisticated sheen. It’s also ideal for outdoor flooring, providing a natural backdrop to plant life and an authentic-looking patio material. Currently natural, muted tones, blended interior and exterior decor and purpose-specific garden zones are on trend, which wood effect tiles suit to perfection with their range of subtle shades and frequent indoor and outdoor use. Visit us in our showrooms to discover the flexibility of wood aesthetics and their great ability to be mixed and matched to create a unique and attractive appearance.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Although wood is a generally durable material, different types are more susceptible to decay, limiting your choices. Porcelain tiles are highly durable, easy to keep clean and stain resistant, making them a suitable option for kitchens and bathrooms where water splashes and food stains are highly probable. There’s also no need to worry about exterior porcelain when the weather turns nasty, as its non-porous surface prevents water from seeping into the tile, where it could freeze and cause the tile to crack.

Not only are porcelain tiles frost-resistant and extremely hard-wearing, but they can also imitate an incredibly diverse range of knots, grains and shades which retain their original colour, regardless of UV intensity. Explore our range of Terzetto wood effect tiles that perfectly simulate timber but retain all the practical properties of porcelain!

The Terzetto Library Of Wood Effect Tiles

Scroll through pages of wood effect tiles on our website or browse dozens of choices in store, from the warmest honey parquet to a dark and shiny natural wood porcelain. Our Fiorino selection offers eight different wood looks, including eye-catching acacia, luxurious cypress and a neat, understated grey. The undulated surface suggests an authentic look and feel, trimmed with matching skirting. An anti-slip finish makes all the difference, rendering the Fiorino selection appropriate for exterior decor as well as indoor walls and floors.

Our Harewood range provides a beautiful selection of modern tiles, with subtle textures and realistic details available in five different colour options, including oak, ash and beech. This authentic wood effect tile can be used on walls and floors and looks wonderful when laid in a classic herringbone format or staggered formation.

From the classic Norway porcelain to the characterful texture of a parquet floor, wood effect tiles add a charming finish to any property.

Wood Effect Tiles

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