Aged Tiles For Vintage Decor

There’s no one type of vintage decor. How could there be? Vintage styles are a celebration of past trends, from funky 70s furniture to classic Art Deco. History has some good ideas, and designers love to steal them.

Whichever era takes your fancy, try adding aged tiles to give it some authenticity. We’ve collected four aged tile ideas to help you add that special, lived-in quality to your history-inspired home.

Mercia Decors

The Mercia collection consists of three ‘Old World’ styles, carefully crafted to appear hand-painted. They have uneven edges with an aged appearance, creating a sense of relaxation and comfort.

Decor One features large emblems in an understated white, blue and gold, tying in beautifully with a style known as French vintage decor. This aesthetic is known for its freshness and simplicity, created in soft, muted colours. Mercia’s white and blue is calm and optimistic, ideal for a French-inspired bathroom with a pastel colour scheme.

Other decors feature repeated motifs in blues, whites, pale yellows and browns. Installing them in the same home as the Decor One could help create consistency, as well as reinforce the overall French vintage aesthetic.

Castello Warm and Cold Mix

These tiles display individual patterns in soft beige or grey, ideal for adding movement, interest and energy to a plain and quiet room. Each pattern uses a mixture of light and dark shades, helping you to add new depths to your wall or floor.

You can choose between the Castello Warm and Cold Mix depending on the needs of your colour scheme – cool neutrals work best with cool colours, such as blues, greens and purples, while warm neutrals complement golds, whites and oranges.

With their subtle colours and worn edges, these mixed tiles would make an excellent feature in a cottage home, either as a backsplash, floor, hallway or kitchen wall.

Fiorino Maiolica

Fiorino Maiolica are some of our oldest-looking tiles. The varied floral designs are irregularly faded, strong in some places and practically invisible in others. Not only are the edges worn, the designs have deliberate crackle lines, suggesting authenticity and character. Their small, square shape makes them ideal for a classic vintage decor, especially when on display as a wall tile.

This collection comes in grey, brown and blue. The blue tiles add a wonderful themed element to bathrooms as they sport a faded criss-cross pattern that almost looks like scales. Fish scales are coming back into fashion across modern and vintage decor, but the Fiorino creates a particularly tasteful and delicate scale effect.

Cadiz Aged Porcelain

Finally, we come to Cadiz, a stone-look porcelain.

Stone is a great addition for rustic vintage decor, which prioritises natural materials. Think mountain chalets or large farmhouse kitchens, with lots of wooden furniture and miles of flagstone floor.

Cadiz Aged Porcelain offers a highly realistic stone floor look, imitating Italian  rock. This includes fossils, veining and an intriguing 3D effect, in Silver, Sand, White and black Nero. Sand and White are more suitable for rustic vintage decor, but even the more dynamic Silver and Black have the feel of ancient flooring, worn down by the centuries.

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