Our Natural Stone Recommendations

Here is just a few of our favourite natural stone floor tiles, which are great for creating that perfect authentic look.

Zorzella Brushed Limestone

Zorzella is a beautiful brushed limestone with grey-blue undertones, which features distinctive fossilised markings. Available in large format square edge tiles which create a stunning seamless flooring option

Madras Limestone

Reminiscent of an ancient flagstone floor, Madras features a combination of sage, grey and amber undertones. The hand-cut tumbled edges and aged finish really adds to this stone’s unique distinctive character. This is a calibrated limestone and is suitable for interior and exterior use.

Dover Limestone

Dover Limestone features sublime soft shades of grey, with worn textured partly tumbled edges and a riven surface. All of which makes this beautiful limestone look centuries old. Dover tumbled limestone is suitable for both exterior and interior projects.

Amalfi  Limestone

You can clearly see the grey-blue tones, interacting with authentic fossil detailing within this beautiful Amalfi limestone. The Amalfi’s size and slightly tumbled edges make this stone a very popular flooring choice for any area in the home. Ideal to contrast with the pastel and cream colour palettes.

Seashell Brushed Limestone

Seashell Limestone is a stone full of fossilized shells, that blends with hues of cream, beige and amber colours. The brushed Patina finish makes the surface feel smooth but slightly undulating. Joint sizes can be kept to the minimal size, due to the square softened edged finish, making it suited to any backdrop either modern or traditional.

This limestone is great value for money and is available in large sizes, making a space look luxurious and opulent.