Tile Trends of 2021

Tiles are a unique and effective way to bring energy back into your home, due to the large variety of shapes, colours and patterns which are available to you. Despite the ever-changing variety of tile types, they have been a staple to every home worldwide. What we all want to know is, despite the baffling range of tiles, what are the up-and-coming trends that will be seen throughout 2021? Don’t worry, we have everything you need to ensure you are kept up to date.

Wood Effect Porcelain

Porcelain tile designs are moving to more natural and untreated wood looks, as the timber elements evoke a calming environment and a sense of wellbeing. These inspirations are inspired by nature and are part of an overall trend toward self-care, which became important during 2020 throughout the pandemic. Hardwearing and durable, wood effect porcelain tiles are a great alternative to wooden flooring options, especially when they come in a variety of colours and tones suitable for everyone’s unique tastes.

Embrace The Outdoors

2021 is all about bringing the outdoors inside as much as possible, especially as so many of us are still spending most of our time at home. An inside-out look, making use of natural colours such as sand, light blues and greens help reach out into nature, to provide an everlasting soothing effect. This effect is replicated throughout most spas, to help you feel calm and well-rested.

Go Big or Go Home

Large format for maximum effect. Tiles that come in a large format can help make your bathroom, kitchen and other living spaces look more contemporary. When your tiles feature a lot of unique detail, through their veining, flecks of colour and their texture, having your tile in a large format provides more of an interesting focal point as well as making your room seem a lot bigger. Large-format tiles are a great option, as there aren’t as many visible grout lines, drawing your eyes away from the tiles.

Quality Printing

With the printing that is applied to porcelain tiles being so precise and detailed, it has never been easier to achieve a natural look in your home, especially when you are having budgetary concerns. The veining that is printed to replicate marble, or the graining to imitate limestone is incredibly realistic. Also choosing a porcelain tile with a natural print, compared to natural stone products, means that your tiles are non-porous and incredibly low maintenance.

Retro All The Way

Patterns are back. An array of patterned, as well as colourful tiles, are not only playful and unique but provide a very retro aesthetic. A great way to place a little bit of creativity into a particular space in your house, as well as marking your own unique style and creating a powerful statement. It’s fair to say that patterned tiles will play an important role within interior design for years to come.

A Polished Finish

The thought of having a tile with a polished finish can evoke mixed reactions. However, polished tiles, especially in a large format, can give your living space a look of splendour, sophistication and wealth. If you are wanting to acquire a look of opulence, consider a marble porcelain tile with a polished surface. Despite the rich aesthetic, however, it needs to be said that having a polished tile requires regular upkeep, to help it maintain that glorious shine.

A Colourful Statement

Do you have colour that you just absolutely love? Then why not incorporate it into your home! Across the world, people are embracing their love for colour through their choice of tiles. Bold colours can really help bring a room together, especially when your tiles are unified with small décor choices or furniture. Choosing a bolder colour, compared to natural Earth tones, can really help certain features become more dominant depending on their style, material and colour.