Versatile Tiles for Hallway and Bathroom Designs

Transforming your hallway and bathroom into stylish, cohesive spaces doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right choice of tiles, you can effortlessly create a seamless transition between these two areas of your home. Explore our curated selection of versatile tiles for hallway and bathroom spaces, saving you time, money and effort in your interior design endeavours.

You Don’t Get More Timeless Than Chequerboard Tiles

For a classic and timeless look that never goes out of style, consider our Victorian Pastello Chequer Porcelain tiles. Available in a range of colour combinations, including Antique Cream and Black, Dutch White and Blush, and more, these square tiles with a soft matt finish are perfect for achieving the traditional chequerboard pattern. This iconic design has long been favoured for tiles for hallway and bathroom spaces due to its ability to add visual interest and depth. Chequerboard designs can make narrow spaces appear larger, plus, this pattern can look as simple or as grand as you like, depending on how you dress the rest of the space.

Adding A Touch of Luxury With Marble

Elevate your hallway and bathroom with the enduring beauty of marble using our Venetian Chequer White and Nero Marble tiles. Featuring a striking black and white chequerboard pattern with lightly tumbled edges, these floor tiles exude elegance and sophistication. Whether used as tiles for hallway areas, living spaces, kitchens or bathrooms, they create a sense of luxury that enhances any interior design scheme.

Making A Statement With Decorative Porcelain

If you’re looking to make a bold statement in your hallway or bathroom, our Marseille Décor Porcelain tiles are the perfect choice. Available in a range of captivating designs and colours, including modern blues, greys and copper browns, these Italian porcelain tiles add that ‘wow factor’ to any space. Whether used as a stunning backsplash, feature wall or complete bathroom covering, these tiles bring personality and character. We particularly recommend Marseille Decor Seventeen or Marseille Decor Ten tiles for hallway and bathroom designs.

Achieving Cohesion With Multifunctional Tiles

One of the key advantages of the majority of our tile recommendations is their ability to be used on both floors and walls. This versatility allows you to create a cohesive look throughout your hallway and bathroom, tying the two spaces together seamlessly. Whether you choose the classic chequerboard pattern, luxurious marble or statement decorative tiles, the ability to use them on both surfaces enhances the overall aesthetic of your home.

Quality And Value With Terzetto Stone

At Terzetto Stone, we pride ourselves on offering quality tiles at excellent value. Our Principle range features premium tiles that combine durability, functionality and style, making them the perfect choice for both residential and commercial projects. With our carefully curated selection of versatile tiles for hallway and bathroom designs, you can create stunning spaces that stand the test of time.

Order Your Tiles For Hallway And Bathroom Spaces

When designing your hallway and bathroom, choosing the right tiles is essential for achieving a cohesive and stylish look. With Terzetto, you can effortlessly transform these spaces into functional and visually stunning areas of your home. Explore our range and place your order online today! 

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