The Next Step: Planning Your Tile Layout

The right floor tile can transform your kitchen, bathroom or garden, endowing it with warmth, polish and sophistication…However, your chosen tile layout also has an effect on the overall aesthetic, with numerous different patterns all contributing to a slightly different look. Explore some of the most popular tile layouts here, from conventional stack patterns to geometrically interesting layouts in a mixture of colours and sizes.

Introducing Some Classic Tile Layouts

When it comes to laying tiles, some classic patterns top the charts.

For instance, the herringbone layout is an undisputed favourite for indoor and outdoor tiling and is increasingly in demand for decorative accent walls in addition to floor tiles. These tessellating rectangles, fitted together at right angles, create a mesmerising symmetry that works well in an outdoor as well as an indoor setting and is especially suited to pathways or borders.

Alternatively, you can go for a familiar staggered look, also known as an offset pattern. This is a very popular way to lay tiles and can be used on walls and floors and helps to add a sense of style and creativity to your space, perfect for rectangular tiles. On the other hand, a traditional stack pattern is ideal for either rectangular or square tiles, as it creates a neat, clean look in exact geometric lines that is reminiscent of a chessboard.

Mixing It Up

Technically, a floor layout is not the same as a floor pattern. A pattern requires there to be a series of repeating motifs or units, which can be superbly highlighted by using specific colours for specific blocks in the pattern. For example, some tile layouts consist of a mixture of square and rectangular tiles in dramatically different sizes. This is usually called an opus pattern.

On the other hand, some traditional tile layouts such as the stack pattern lend themselves perfectly to colours and materials that are constantly alternating – the stack pattern is known as a ‘chessboard’ after all, a style that can be both rustic and startlingly modern, depending on the materials and the context. You could also use different colours to create shapes in the patio – you could mark borders, form shapes that complement your pre-existing garden aesthetic or get creative by designing your own striking colour pattern within the tile layout!

Our Stone And Porcelain Tile Selection

Careful arrangement and juxtaposition bring out the charms of individual tiles, which are plentiful at Terzetto Stone. We boast an array of sturdy exterior tiles, from the subtle natural stone of the Dune designs to Provence porcelain, which imitates the intricacies of limestone. Our indoor selections cover bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and living rooms, with every shade and style from herringbone-suited Harewood to tumbled, aged Madras. We also have an extensive assortment of decorative tiles, bearing delicate and intriguing designs that catch the eye even without a clever tile laying pattern!

Tile Layout

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