The Importance of Colour Psychology When Choosing Tiles

The importance of colour cannot be underestimated. It reflects our mood, lifestyle and our overall outlook towards life. For that reason, it’s important for you to understand why you are considering choosing tiles of a particular colour for your home. It turns out, that there is more to colour than we initially think!

When many of us hear the word psychology, we tend to become disengaged and zone out. Colour psychology however, is rather quite exciting! We see and interact with colour everywhere we go throughout our lives, but never consider its significance and its importance.

Like most things where interior design is concerned, we are endlessly spoilt for choice when it comes to inspiration and options. Especially thanks to the influence of social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, where it is so easy for everyone to share their own tastes and unique styles. It can be baffling to make a decision and decide what will work well in your own home. This is where colour psychology can help. There are certain things that you need to consider before deciding on coloured tiles for your home. What do I find appealing? What do I want my space to look like? And most importantly, how do I want this room to make myself and others feel? Being aware of your emotional engagement in your projects is a brilliant way to help you decide on a coloured tile, to ensure you are creating a room that reflects your own needs. Let’s get started, shall we?


As covered in our article, ‘Green. Everyone’s favourite’, green has become one of the most popular colours used in interior design. But why? Essentially, the colour green reminds us all of the sanctity of nature. With so many shades and tones available on the spectrum, green provides a sense of tranquillity. Darker shades, such as fern and forest green offer feelings of security, and growth, while lighter shades, like lime and olive, can convey a sense of joy and progression. Although the colour green relates to happiness and health, it can also suggest that you are open, authentic and friendly as a person.


In comparison to how green can portray feelings of wellbeing and growth, using the colour blue throughout your home can show that you are an emotionally strong individual, who is reliable and confident. Lighter shades, such as baby or powder blue can provoke feelings of tranquillity, often associated with images of tropical beaches and the sea. Darker shades like navy and Spanish blue can infer a sense of strength and productivity, as those shades can be considered intense. Many people believe that the colour blue is inspiring, leading to strong emotional states of happiness and joy.


Similarly to both blue and green, the colour red can be seen to be a calming colour. However, the richness that comes with most shades of red, can also be associated with power, love and passion. Red has scientifically been regarded as a stimulant, as it subconsciously provides its audience with a sense of excitement and energy. Darker shades, such as cardinal, carmine and Spanish red are often associated with dominance and power, whilst lighter shades such as light coral, chilli, salmon and crimson are used to show affection and love. Wanting to choose a red coloured tile, could show that you are a playful individual who has a flair for creativity.


Black has been a statement colour throughout interior design. This is for one reason and one reason only: Black is associated with elegance. A black tile in your home will show that you are a person of sophistication, power and even mystery. Black is universal and can work well with almost any other colour. Black can be used to show strength when employed in large amounts or can be used to highlight other colours when used minimally.


White is often used to show innocence, purity and cleanliness. White is timeless and a classic colour, when for interior design, as it will complement any other colour you put against it and it also works well independently. White can be used to reflect feelings of protection and encouragement through its tranquillity. It can be used to create a sense of order and efficiency. White is a great option if you are a busy, modern individual who is dedicated to order and cleanliness.

We hope that this brief exploration into the world of colour psychology helps with your decision making process. As stated before, if you want to know more about the meaning behind the colours of your tiles, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to talk to you more.