The Beauty of Basilica

Hi! Just wanted to spend some time to showcase our Basilica porcelain tiles.

What you will initially notice about our Basilica porcelain tiles is their striking marble look, which is heavily inspired and influenced by Italian Calacatta marble, which is known for its rich aesthetic. Our Basilica tiles have a crisp white background with striking veins which run through each tile. They come in two glorious colour options: the Oro and the Bianco. Oro has a really warm golden colour throughout its veining, whist Bianco has a cooler grey veining.

As well as having two colour options to choose from, the Basilica tiles come in two very different finishes depending on your desired aesthetic. Both a polished and natural finish will definitely bring a touch of luxury into your home. A natural finish will deliver the same visual impact as the polished finish, however will not have that mirrored sheen on the surface, making it a great choice for flooring within your living areas.

Our Basilica tiles, no matter the finish, are rectified and look amazing on both your walls or floors. For more information, why not click on the video below?