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Tilemaster 3000 Wall & Floor Mould Resistant Grout


Tilemaster Grout 3000 is a premium, highly versatile, flexible, fast setting wall and floor grout, specially formulated using carefully selected cements and additives, to produce a smooth and controlled workability.

Tilemaster Grout 3000’s flexibility makes it suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including for use on surfaces subject to limited movement and/or vibration such as plywood overlay and underfloor heating systems. It is suitable for grouting joints in wall and floor tiles between 2mm – 15mm wide.

Tilemaster Grout 3000 has a very low water permeability and the anti mould technology makes it ideal for areas subject to prolonged or permanent wet conditions such as wet rooms and swimming pools. And can be used internally and externally and it is unaffected by frost after setting.

For specific advice on the correct fixing materials, including grout colour, for your installation please contact us.

This product is part of our Principle Range, offering quality products at an excellent value.

Grout 3000 colours
Pure WhiteJasmineBeigeSandstoneLight GreyMid GreyCharcoalAlmondNatural GreyDark GreyCocoa

Note: Colours shown are for illustration purposes. Actual colours may vary slightly from the above

Sizes & Costs

Jasmine 5kg
£8.77 Per Item
Natural Grey 5kg
£8.77 Per Item
Sage 5kg
£8.77 Per Item
Mid Grey 5kg
£8.77 Per Item
Almond 5kg
£8.77 Per Item
Light Grey 5kg
£8.77 Per Item
Beige 5kg
£8.77 Per Item
Pure White 5kg
£8.77 Per Item
Sandstone 5kg
£8.77 Per Item
Charcoal 5kg
£8.77 Per Item
Cocoa 5kg
£8.77 Per Item
Dark Grey 5kg
£8.77 Per Item

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