A European Tour Of Some Of Our Favourite Patterned Tiles

There is no set design for patterned tiles! A mosaic of porcelain squares is a patterned tile, as is a glossy herringbone design or the gentle swirls decorating a square of Fiorino Maiolica Cotto. The artistry can be a bold, eye-catching statement or add a quiet touch of flair, whilst the practical advantages of porcelain protect the environment from day-to-day dirt or moisture.

Many of our patterned tiles reflect the rich design legacy of different countries, so today we take you through Europe on a tour of some of our favourite patterned tiles. We hope that by spotlighting our best-loved products we will inspire your next project!

Discovering Castello Patterned Tiles

Our first stop is in Italy, to admire the Castello range. Castello is a neighbourhood in Venice, a quiet, sophisticated place exuding dignity. We pay homage with our selection of Castello products, many of which feature a raised Aztec design in several colours. However, it’s our Castello Mixes that we home in on today.

These patterned tiles provide an intriguing cluster of different designs, from loops to stripes to diamond-shaped petals, all existing next to each other as part of a geometrically fascinating whole. You can choose the Cold Mix for a muted grey finish, or brighten up a space with the warmer, welcoming tones of the Warm Mix.

We are also indebted to Venice for the intriguing Terrazzo tiles, which contain small chips within the crafted tile, adding a unique visual interest. Many of our patterned tiles make excellent feature walls in addition to flooring, as their sophisticated design draws the eye and adds energy and focus to the room in question.

Travelling To France For Our Marseille Selection

We leave Italy behind and go to a French province for our next tile. Marseille, a major port in southern France, bears the same name as our nine decor designs. They boast various shapes, from the Marseille Decor Nine pattern reminiscent of playing cards to the curls and swirls of Marseille Decor Three.

These diverse patterned tiles also have the potential to become an outstanding accent wall. They come in blues, greys, copper brown and black and white, with an option to complement and contrast with any existing colour scheme. A Marseille patterned tile makes for style and creativity in the bathroom, whether as a floor tile, decorative wall or splash back.

Coming Home With Our Range Of Mercia Patterned Tiles

After our short European excursion, we return home to our Mercia Porcelain Decor selection, named after the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia, which was situated in the modern Midlands. In keeping with this idea, this range has an aged appearance, with delicate patterns in soft colours that look as though they were hand-painted. The collection features three Old World Styles (Porcelain Decor One, Two and Three), whose exemplary craftsmanship suggests an older, simpler time that you can bring into your home with these old patterned tiles.

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