Our Top Five Tumbled Limestone Floors

Beautiful, natural and versatile. It’s no wonder limestone tiles have become a popular choice both in homes and commercial premises, creating stylish interiors.  

In this article, we’re highlighting our top-five tiles made from tumbled limestone. 

But first, what are limestone tiles?

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is comprised of coral, seashells or other organic debris, taking millions of years to form. It is composed usually of a few minerals but mainly one, calcium carbonate. Highly durable, limestone has been used in construction for millennia, both as a stand-alone material and a filler to strengthen concrete. More recently, it has become a popular material for use in floor tiles. 

The durability makes limestone tiling the perfect option for any area of your home or workspace with a high footfall. Some variations can be used both outdoors and indoors, ideal for when your design calls for a continuous flow between the two. You can also treat limestone with a sealant to protect it from stains. Plus, it’s very simple to maintain, whether indoors or out. 

So, what is a tumbled limestone?

Tumbled limestone has a rough and chipped edges, so it appears more natural and worn, giving tiles an aged look rather than one that’s weathered or tired. Despite the finish, its edges are soft and feel wonderful to touch. Like all limestone, it is highly versatile and works well in a multitude of settings, external and internal. It’s practical as a splashback as well as underfoot and creates a wonderful juxtaposition to any modern building. 

There are numerous types of tumbled limestone tiles on the market, each with its own unique characteristics. Here are just five of our favourite fabulous flooring options. 

Palermo Tumbled Limestone 

A beautiful Jerusalem limestone, Palermo tiles feature a subtle mixture of warm grey and gold colours. These are intertwined with fossils and veining, giving Palermo its distinct features. The tumbled finish adds depth to create a stunning wall or floor in any home.  

Bossalino Brushed and Tumbled Limestone 

Bossalino is a striking black limestone that incorporates some lighter charcoal tones. This combination is created by gentle brushing in the finishing process. Its tumbled edges and brushed finish add to this stone’s distinctive character. A highly popular choice, thanks to its beautiful shade and suitability both indoors and out, Bossalino is a sound investment for any home. 

Cathedral Honed Limestone 

Creamy coloured limestone with shades of vanilla, subtle grey veins and soft coral tones, Cathedral tumbled limestone is an extremely popular choice in many indoor settings, including kitchen, dining spaces and bathrooms. Its light shade provides a sophisticated and elegant look. Underfloor heating works well with this type of tumbled tiling to keep feet feeling extra toasty! 

Amalfi Honed and Tumbled Limestone 

The variation of grey-blue tones and fossil markings delicately interact within this beautiful Amalfi limestone. The practical colour makes it a fantastic choice for any area of the home. It complements both modern and classic styles of décor and contrasts beautifully with creams and pastel colours. 

Madras Limestone  

Madras features a combination of sage, grey, and amber undertones with hand-cut tumbled edges and an aged finish. Suitable for use both indoors or outdoor and available in a range of sizes, Madras is a functional choice as well as a stunning one.  

Need more inspiration?

So, there you have it – five of our top tumbled tile looks. Whichever style of tumbled limestone you choose, you won’t be disappointed with the fabulous finish it creates. 

If you’re still unsure which type of tile is right for you, check out some of our projects for inspiration.