The Evolving Styles Of Monochrome Tiles

Monochrome tiles have been a byword for sophisticated design for over a century, but how does this glossy colour scheme fit in with the warmer, brighter aesthetics of 2022?

A Timeless Appeal

The black and white combination is timeless and elegant, first surfacing in the 1920s and 30s as part of the Art Deco movement. These designs showed that one was sophisticated, artistic and up-to-date with the latest avant-garde trends. Yet monochrome tiles suggest this kind of modernity over 100 years later, despite radical design shifts in decoration, art and architecture. Why do we still love it?

There’s no set way to achieve the bold contrast of black and white, meaning that it can adapt to styles and tastes. For instance, when planning your decor you can choose to emphasise the monochrome elements or use them to create a backdrop for the main focal point, allowing carefully chosen colours to jump out at the observer.

Such a base ties together different elements within a room without clashing, providing a calm and neutral backdrop to the more provocative reds, greens and yellows, which might otherwise fill the space. Far from monochrome tiles being restrictive, this scheme actually opens up a host of possibilities, from bold colours to lighter shades such as coral or aqua, which create a softer environment.

An Evolving Design

Modern designers have taken monochrome one step further, experimenting with evolving colour palettes and redefining the style.

Monochrome has a reputation for being cold and aloof, but a new approach known as ‘warm monochrome’ is beginning to take centre stage. Instead of stark contrasts, it opts for subtler greys, slates and warm versions of white to suggest something gentler, using taupes, creams and even stone. This is the perfect 21st century option, especially when incorporating a wealth of alternative materials. Leather, wool and stone all hark back to an earlier age, recalling a more symbiotic relationship with the natural world and drawing on the popular sustainability aesthetic.

Conventional black and white still packs a punch, but to maximise its potential you should choose one colour to be dominant and give the room some shape.

Browsing Monochrome Tiles

Tiles have a very different texture to leather or wool, but you can still adjust the overall effect by choosing the right materials! Reflective tiles create a polished, high-class look, whilst matte forms a calmer, more subdued impression.

At Terzetto Stone we have a multitude of greys to suit warm monochrome designs, from the pencilled textures of the Saturn Giraffe tile to the intricate designs of the Magna Grey. For a sharp contrast, you can investigate the Cadiz Nero or Geneva Nite, giving you that entrancing black tile that immediately catches the eye, while the selection of Onyx porcelain gives a whole new meaning to monochrome tiles. They may come in black or ivory, but there’s a world of textures and hidden shades lurking below the surface, waiting to create something truly unique.

Terzetto Stone

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