Tile Ideas For Your Modern Home

Good homes take a lot of effort, especially when starting from scratch! New-builds give you real design freedom, but there’s a whole lot of brainstorming to be done before you can even start decorating your modern home.

We supplied the tiles to a contemporary new-build in the Welcombe Hills, which we affectionately named the ‘House on the Hill’ project. The homeowner is an interior designer with an eye for style, so keep reading for her modern home decor ideas using Terzetto tiles!

The Heart Of A Modern Home

Kitchens have changed a lot, turning from closed-off cooking rooms into open kitchen-diner spaces. Nowadays we rest, play and entertain in the kitchen, making it the true heart of almost every modern home.

Limestone is an excellent choice for a kitchen floor, because it’s both practical and homely, a truly timeless material. However, marble offers a sleek, elegant and lavish alternative, which is why we see it so often used for counters and worktops.

The House on the Hill got the best of both worlds by using Geneva Natural Coast Porcelain. Geneva is a porcelain tile which mimics limestone and marble aesthetics, mixed in together. The coast tile brings warmer tones that blend seamlessly with the House on the Hill’s wooden cabinetry, contrasting beautifully against its cool colour scheme.

Living Room Decor

This homeowner is an expert in combining classic looks with modern home trends.

For her living room space, she opted for Geneva Chevron Coast, using the same colours and textures as in the kitchen-diner. Continuous flooring between rooms is currently very popular, but she added a unique element by choosing the chevron option.

Chevron tiles are small, rectangular tiles arranged in lines or a zigzag pattern, with each tile cut to shape for a seamless and elegant look. It also adds a sense of movement and direction, while the arrow-like design appears to enlarge the space.

Carpet may seem like a cosier option, but Geneva is compatible with underfloor heating, letting you experience a warm living room even with a stone-effect floor. In fact, the House on the Hill project used underfloor heating throughout, so you can stay warm and toasty with any of these tiles!

Bedroom Sanctuaries

Sometimes people expect a modern home to be sleek, cold and uninviting. This is definitely not the case, particularly in the bedroom, which is intended as a sanctuary from the rest of the world.

Wood is a good choice for creating a haven as it’s reminiscent of a peaceful outside space. Many spas use wood designs as they’re thought to have a beneficial effect on the body and the brain, similar to spending time in a natural outside space. Of course, wood isn’t always practical, with risks of warping, rotting and splinters, but there are a wealth of practical porcelain options that perfectly imitate real wood.

The House on the Hill used our Fiorino Natural Olive Porcelain, a smooth tile with varying wood-look shades. The colour variation makes it feel both comfortable and authentic, which may be why the designer extended her Fiorino floor into her bathrooms.

Contemporary Bathrooms

Modern bathrooms often employ marble as well as wood, as they pair very well. The rich wood adds warmth to cold, hard marble.

This project used Alanya Rose Honed Marble on the walls, a white tile toned down by gentle grey shades. It has a soft, matt finish and an antibacterial surface, making for a clean and hygienic tile for a bathroom environment.

We contrasted these pale walls with a dark and glamorous shower wall, made up of Castello Aztec Lappato Black Porcelain. It is unique and decadent, with tactile engravings in an intriguing Aztec pattern. It’s perfect for any kind of design statement, suitable for wet or dry areas. If you would prefer a lighter tile, you can opt for an Aztec Lappato pattern in white, grey, almond or musk.

Industrial Interiors

If you’re looking for a definitively modern style, you might want to explore industrial decor. This involves embracing the materials that would usually be kept hidden, such as concrete, metal or bare brick.

The House on the Hill used our Saturn Natural Pewter Smoke tile, a subtle suggestion of industrial decor. This tile is smooth and metallic, paired with Saturn Pewter Smoke Groove for added texture and interest.

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