Exploring The Beauty Of Limestone Tiles

From warmer taupe tones to delicately fossilised stone, limestone tiles offer a diverse range of textures, hues and polishes that can supply both the inside and outside of your home with a classy and practical finish. Reminiscent of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, this sophisticated stone can achieve any effect, from rustic and homely to trendy and chic.

The Origins Of Limestone Tiles

Limestone is primarily made up of calcium carbonate, formed from the crushed shells of creatures that used to inhabit the water but were petrified in layers of sedimentary rock. This lesson in natural history is etched into the stone, with many of our limestone tiles boasting faint fossil markings.

Evidence suggests that limestone tiles may have been first used in Israel, over two millennia ago. Since then, they have been put to work by a myriad of different cultures, including Ancient Egyptians and the Romans. Nowadays, limestone tiles are used to decorate both the interior and exterior of homes and are available in various hues and finishes.

Tumbled tiles suggest a homely rustic touch, with a smooth, sometimes undulating surface, in complete contrast to the flat, square edged matt of the honed style. Brushed limestone tiles are lightly textured with a rounded perimeter and polished tiles make the ultimate shiny floor or wall tiles. No matter the colour scheme or general aesthetic, limestone tiles can complement any room or outdoor living space.

Limestone Tiles In The Home

This stone blankets the floor beautifully, endowing the area with a timeless, classic style. It’s an absolute gift, a lot easier to clean and maintain than people imagine. We at Terzetto can advise you on the right product and the best quality sealers, cleaners and grouts. Using sealers counteracts the tiles’ naturally porous surface, ensuring your limestone tiles stay a hygienic, attractive and practical choice for your home. Their durability, versatility and resistance to bacteria make them a very popular asset, improving the overall aesthetic of your interior and exterior decor.

Limestone Tiles At Terzetto Stone

At Terzetto Stone we present you with pages of beautiful limestone tiles in an array of colours and hues. Our Ashlar limestone tiles stand out for their versatility and warmth, with deep tones of oatmeal and grey, available tumbled, honed or brushed. As with many of our products, delicate fossilisation recalls ancient history – our Jura Sage Honed tiles feature many fossils, including the occasional ammonite fossil within the stone. Such Jurassic characteristics mark our Zorzella limestone tiles with grey and blue undertones, or our Jerusalem Palermo product with grey and gold hues .

For a historic feel, our Madras limestone is tumbled and aged, hinting at an ancient flagstone floor with sage, grey and amber undertones, an element of class that can pave an inside or an outside space. Alternatively, Dover tiles might suit you, with their riven surfaces and gently tumbled edges, suggesting decor from many centuries ago. Take your pick from our extensive selection of these popular, affordable and beautiful tiles.

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