Our Favourite Limestone Flooring

It’s hard to look at limestone flooring and not be utterly charmed! This natural stone can be versatile, stylish and rustic, recalling a vintage flagstone or the appeal of the outdoors, tapping into the popular desire for sustainable designs.

Limestone flooring manages to be timeless, whether deliberately finished for a worn and soft look or polished to look sharp and modern. Kitchens, hallways or patios paved with this material will never look out of place, even if they’re giving a nod to the sustainability aesthetic or the design features of earlier periods. It’s safe to say that limestone is a real investment as you won’t have to switch it up in favour of something more on trend in the future, while the material itself is durable and long-lasting.

There’s also endless variation on texture, finish and colour, with some limestone flooring boasting striking veins or even fossils under the surface. With this much choice, the question is ‘where to start?’ We’re walking you through some of our favourites at Terzetto Stone to give you the perfect jumping-off point, so read on for tiles, techniques and ideas!

French-Inspired Elegance

It’s never a mistake to add some European sophistication to your home. Our Chateau Gris Antiqued Limestone enhances your decor with its subtle texture, which creates a classic flagstone effect that could grace the floor or a palace or chateau. These exquisite French tiles are unmistakably chic, with varied hues and characteristics to give it a sense of extra authenticity, perfect for a large kitchen or hallway. The popular greys and warmer tones imbue the tiles with a sense of elegance, demonstrating that, although limestone can look simple and rustic, you can also use it to make your home look cultured and refined.

Modern Or Traditional Limestone Flooring

One of the best features of limestone flooring is its versatility, meaning that it can match a diverse range of decors. Whether your home is dominated by rich wood, sleek monochrome or something else entirely, a limestone tile in an appealing grey can be the ideal complement.

Instead of striving for the effect of the Chateau Gris when it doesn’t suit your interior, you can create a flagstone floor in Sambuca limestone. Sambuca becomes both modern and traditional design schemes, in soft grey tones with a hint of cool blue. It’s been brushed to retain both texture and smoothness, as well as artfully tumbled for a homely appearance. You can also install it inside, outside or both, the latter creating an in-vogue continuation between indoor and outdoor flooring.

A Soft Look

Softer, warmer stone tiles are a popular choice for homeowners. Our Biblical Limestone offers paler colours, interwoven with warmer shades and carefully finished to give the impression of centuries-old limestone flooring. Pillowed edges make the tiles round down gently into the floor instead of using a sharp 45 degree angle, while an antiqued finish increases the impression of use throughout the ages. Be on the lookout for pillowed, tumbled or brushed tiles for a product that looks aged and well-loved!

Despite its appearance, Biblical Limestone is also a highly practical and hard wearing material, ideal for high-traffic areas. It can also be sealed for extra protection, letting you install it in messy areas such as kitchens or entrances.

The Rich Shades Of Madras

Finally, our Madras Limestone is a superstar product boasting rich shades of sage, grey and amber, accentuated by hand-cut tumbled edges. Combined with an aged finish, the soft edges give a worn appearance that contributes to the stone’s unique and distinctive character. This particular limestone flooring can be installed inside or outside and has been calibrated for extra strength, opening up an array of possibilities for garden landscaping. This tile is one of our firm favourites and we hope you can see why!

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