Large Format Tiles: A Revelation In Design

Transform your chosen area with large format tiles! They create a beautiful aesthetic and the practical advantages will have you keen to include them in your living space. Choose between our square or rectangular large format tiles, available in 1200 x 600mm, 900 x 900mm and larger sizes. Available in stone and porcelain, these tiles help you to achieve virtually any look with reduced effort.

Why Invest In Large Format Tiles?

With such large amounts of space covered by a single tile, you can create a seamless interior without the interruption of grout lines. Not only can you forget about maintaining the grout, but you can also enjoy a sense of spaciousness created by the unified design. The textures and patterns that you chose are on display without distraction, whilst the uninterrupted flow of tiles across the floor suggests a bigger and more modern space than you had before. In addition, large format tiles often cover walls and floors, with the option to create the impression of a wider or taller room depending on which way you orient your tiles.

There are exceptionally few limits when it comes to decorating your home with these products, especially when it comes to the size of the space; large format tiles can cover substantial areas as well as maximise the potential of the smallest cloakroom.

Moving Outside

Large format tiles are perfect for creating a terrace or patio. Their durability is excellent, especially when combined with the natural strength of porcelain. Porcelain can accommodate many colours and textures and can imitate wood and limestone while retaining all the strength, weather resistance and easy-to-clean characteristics of trusty porcelain. Explore our full range of large format tiles in your nearest showroom, be that in our Yorkshire, Cheshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire or Hertfordshire branch.

These expansive tiles have much to say on the subject of style! Their seamlessness makes them ideal for continuous flooring, an immensely popular design trend. This can be achieved inside and outside, with a flow of large format tiles moving from one room to another or from the kitchen through to the patio. This flooring provides the best of both worlds – not only is it currently very fashionable, but the overall result is also a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic.

Large Format Tiles

Large Format Tiles At Terzetto Stone

We have tiles in all colours, shades and sizes at Terzetto Stone, including large format versions of some of our favourite tiles. Our Geneva collection includes a 600x1200mm product which brings out the collection’s striking detail – it was inspired by different stones and marbles, cleverly combined to suggest movement and character.

Our Florence products create an almost fluid transition from inside to outside, with interior and exterior large format tiles available in five rich colours, including Storm, Haze, Nite and Dawn. Alternatively, you could explore the possibilities of Provence, with its unique design displaying the intricacies of limestone textures. The veins and fossils contained within its surface deserve the undivided attention they receive from being part of a larger format.

Browse Large Format Tiles

Of course, that is not the end of our large format tile selection! Browse our products on our website or see them in action by exploring our past projects. To talk to us about our products and services, you can call 01423 358 855 or visit us in one of our five showrooms.

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