Choosing Your Home Aesthetics

Before you start redesigning your interior, you want to decide on your home aesthetics. These are the basic design themes that draw your entire house together to create a unified look. One way to achieve traditional, modern or vintage styles is to build your home aesthetics from the ground up, starting with your stylish tiling!

Traditional Home Aesthetics

Traditional home aesthetics are enduringly popular, a window into regal 18th and 19th century decor. Such decors are dominated by rich, warm tones and are perfect for re-creating the look of a period property.

For this, we recommend an imitation hardwood floor, such as our Harewood porcelain tiles, adding subtle textures and realistic details that imply the same stylish authenticity as real wood. On the other hand, our Parquet Natural Porcelain supplies a pattern to add interest to the area in a choice of honey, maple, cognac and mocha hues. All of our wood-look tiles are actually made of porcelain, creating durable walls and floors that fit in perfectly with traditional home aesthetics!

However, there’s no need to stick to a set of rules! You’re free to design your own traditional decor, exercising your inner creative muscles. For example, you could add an accent wall using our wood-look wall tiles, especially with a neat chevron or herringbone design to draw the eye.

Vintage Styles

There’s more than one way to connect with the past, especially with vintage home aesthetics on the rise.

Vintage home aesthetics might be characterised by a timeless and relaxing space, drawing on natural materials such as wood or stone flooring. For example, our Madras limestone recreates a classic flagstone floor, while the hand-cut tumbled edges and aged finish suggest the kind of quirky character beloved of vintage aesthetics. Stone and wood combine durability with a rustic appearance, also incorporating the recently trending sustainability aesthetic, making Madras limestone or wood-look floors an excellent contemporary choice.

Vintage home aesthetics are always brimming with character. Create a highly decorative wall with some of our classic patterns, from the beige tones of our Castello Warm Mix to the soft swirls of our Fiorino Maiolica range. Whether floor tiles, wall tiles or splashbacks, patterned tiles can add a touch of personality to bring home your vintage aesthetics!

Modern Decors

Modernity is defined by simplicity, sophistication and a great emphasis on space and clean lines. One of the ways to highlight this is through contrast, using black, white and neutral shades for a stunning and striking look, against which any colourful items or accessories stand out.

For instance, our Geneva Nite tiles create a glossy and sophisticated surface, whether it’s acting as an accent wall or a tile floor. The mixture of different stone and marble effects creates an intriguing texture, another feature of modern home aesthetics, contrasting well against white or neutral colours.

Another way is to choose a bright colour combined with neutral shades, although warm monochrome is a great way to tone down classic black and white contrasts to create something softer and more inviting. Beiges, greys, creams and taupes are growing in popularity, especially when combined with on-trend geometric patterns, such as the hexagon. Explore our Giraffe Saturn or Dolce Antiqued Hexagon to see the appeal!

Terzetto Stone

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