Chevron And Herringbone: Timeless, Versatile And Unique

The world is waking up to the charms of herringbone and chevron tiling, taking notice of their classic pattern and innate sense of style. This format is an extremely common design feature, from homely kitchen floors to outside paving, but there’s a whole host of other things that can be achieved with herringbone, chevron and a touch of creativity.

Two Iconic Formats

The zig-zagging patterns are instantly familiar, but we might struggle to define herringbone or tell it apart from chevron, which is an obvious obstacle to your interior design ambitions.

Simply put, herringbone uses rectangular tiles arranged at angles to one another, continuing on in an unending zagging pattern. Part of their versatility is also down to the various angles you can choose, from 45 degrees through to 90, each of which suits a different aesthetic.

Chevron tiling is similar, except the tiles are cut to shape, with each one slotting into another at a ‘V’ angle. The result is seamless and less staggered, often giving the impression of a giant arrow or feather, which you can use to your advantage when designing a long room or hallway.

Herringbone goes back as far as the Romans, a stable and durable material for building roads, while sleek chevron has ties with the ancient Greeks, associating this pattern with a timeless classicism. Chevron is precise and sophisticated, suggesting an enlarged space even in the smallest room, while the variety of colours and textures lets you imbue the layout with your own unique personality!

Reimagining Chevron And Herringbone

Herringbone has been a staple in interior design for centuries, originating in decorative wooden floors. Even in the 21st century, herringbone and chevron designs remain extremely popular as attractive and practical flooring.

However, there’s also been a surge of creativity with people using them for accent walls, or even fireplaces. An accent wall is a single wall that features an attention-grabbing design or a colour that strongly contrasts with other walls, instantly directing people’s attention and shaping the way they see the room. The growing passion for patterned walls means that a herringbone feature will instil the space with a sense of modernity, as will a vibrant chevron floor against four plain walls. Another new trend is that of the half-and-half, with the surface split horizontally between a solid colour and small tiles, which chevron compliments with its chic style.

You can completely reimagine bathrooms and kitchens with these timeless formats. With water-resistant and hard wearing porcelain tiles arrayed in this classic pattern, you can add a stunning design to that dull space behind the sink or suggest extra space with a luxurious shower wall. From bedroom walls to conservatory floors, herringbone and chevron tiles can add a sense of grace and dignity to your home.

Getting Inventive With Colour And Texture

We have an extensive range of herringbone and chevron porcelain tiles at Terzetto, available in a dynamic assortment of colours and textures. Our Amazonia Antiqued Freccia Mosaic combines this timeless pattern with a sharp monochrome, ideal for a contemporary shower room or kitchen backsplash. Meanwhile, the soft Geneva Chevron Coast Porcelain has the option of soft pastel shades, creating a relaxing room with elegant diagonal tiles. All doors are open to you, from celebrating the light and luminous to treasuring the dark and reflective, while our Harewood herringbone provides a rich wood texture that matches old and homely furniture.

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