Getting Creative With Laying Your Tiles

You’ve chosen your tiles, but how are you going to lay them? There are some patterns that are absolute classics, but there are a whole range of other intriguing layouts, enhancing the space with their own unique charm.

Read on for tile-laying inspiration!

The Charm Of Herringbone

You’re sure to be familiar with this layout, even if you haven’t considered using it for your tiles. Herringbone arranges rectangular tiles at right angles to one another, creating a stylish zig-zag pattern. You can use it for subtle flooring or dynamic feature walls, adding to period properties or bold contemporary homes.

Wood effect porcelain is a classic choice for herringbone formats. The rich, natural warmth combines with the familiar pattern, creating beautiful and homely flooring. Our Harewood Ash brings this timeless, natural look in the form of a porcelain tile, which forms a durable, easy-to-clean floor or you can create a fascinating accent wall.

Alternatively, you can choose a monochrome look for a sleek, modern interior. Our Alanya Rose Honed Marble is a particular favourite, a white surface with subtle grey marbling. This beautiful marble is available in tiles or classy bricks, adding a chic element to any bathroom.

Catalan Bone Ceramic is equally good for bathrooms, as the tiles form versatile splashbacks that protect against moisture. You could even mix your tiles with others in the selection, such as the grey and rose-petal pink. This offers a subtle yet interesting background in contrast to the stunning colours of our Monaco range, with glossy tiles in ocean, azure, green and pink.

On the other hand, you can replace glazed ceramic with Metallic Grey Brick Porcelain, the same effect in a fascinating metallic sheen. This texture has its own allure, while the Black Brick equivalent also offers an irresistible dark glamour. Black always suggests luxury and grandeur, something that manifests in our Cadiz 3D Nero Aged Porcelain. Cleverly textured to mimic black asphalt rock, this tile brings something unique to the timeless herringbone pattern.

Chevron Elegance

Chevron is a very similar style to herringbone, but with the end of each tile slotting into each other to make a seamless, elegant V. It gives the impression of a delicate feather, which enlarges the space with the classy and precise pattern. However, you can also lay your tiles in diagonal lines for a simple, innovative style.

The Geneva Chevron tile is sleek and sophisticated. Choose between a warm coast colour, a sharp, smart black or an eye-catching silver for an elegant, dainty design.

Simple Stack Bond

If simplicity’s your goal, you want to investigate stack and brick bond. Stack bond arranges your tiles in straight lines, forming a grid. It’s super versatile, suiting large format tiles and small bricks, such as the Monaco Glazed Ocean Ceramic. Whereas large tiles cover a considerable area, leaving grout lines almost invisible, the Monaco Ocean brings an expanse of deep-sea blue, intersected with neat white lines. Far from being a distraction, the exposed grout lines emphasise the pleasing geometric pattern. This can enhance a striking contemporary home or turn the clock back; some tiles create a retro subway-style look with a stack bond layout, such as the Regent Glazed White Ceramic.

Feeling Flexible With Brick Bond

You can use the same tiles in a brick bond layout, an instantly recognisable off-set pattern. With brick bond, tiles are laid in rows, with adjoining rows off-set by 50%. It’s a simple layout that suits traditional or contemporary aesthetics, particularly popular for splashback areas such as behind the kitchen counter. You might like our classic Catalan White or explore the iridescence of our Metallic Glazed Ceramic. Alternatively, enhance your splashback with a deep red shine from the Monaco Glazed Crimson.

However, if you’re choosing a staggered tile formation with larger porcelain tiles, you need to lay these at no more than a three-quarter bond. The result is truly lovely!

Chequerboard Your Tiles

A chequerboard needs no explanation. Black and white is an absolute classic, perfect for a large kitchen or fashionable hallway. For this style, we love our Venetian Chequer White and Nero Marble and our Dolce/Amazonia Chequer tiles. The latter is just one part of the range, which brings together decorative tiles to create a truly stunning selection.

Mixing It Up

Finally, we introduce modular! This is a superb way of mixing up tiles, adding a sense of fun to your house or garden. Typically, it uses three or four different sizes of tile, fixed in a regular pattern. These creative designs work well with limestone, especially when it’s been tumbled to create a rounded edge and a worn, soft face. Explore our Ashlar Tumbled Petit Opus for warm, soft tones, or enjoy the taupes, corals and creams of the Caspium Honed and Tumbled. Palermo offers an impression of great depth, while its delicate fossils and grey/gold hues make for an intriguing modular floor.

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