5 Ways To Upgrade Your Outdoor Space With Stunning Exterior Tiles

Creating an inviting and stylish outdoor area has never been more important. Many of us are seeking to enhance our lives with a living space that extends the home into the garden. Using exterior tiles is a brilliant way to achieve a sophisticated, durable and beautiful outdoor living space. We have a range of ideas to inspire your next home project, so let’s explore various ways to upgrade your outdoor space using tiles.

Supersize Your Exterior Tiles For A Contemporary Look

For a sleek and modern aesthetic, consider using large format tiles. These exterior tiles create a seamless and spacious look, perfect for contemporary outdoor spaces. The Geneva Porcelain collection is a fantastic choice. Inspired by different stones and marbles, this Italian porcelain tile adds movement and character to your space. Available in five colour choices, the Geneva collection stands out with its striking detail and versatility. The rectified edges make it suitable for both walls and floors, ensuring a cohesive design throughout your outdoor areas.

Create A Country Style With Flagstone Flooring

If you prefer a more traditional and cosy outdoor environment, flagstone flooring can help you achieve that country charm. The Sambuca Tumbled & Aged Limestone is reminiscent of original flagstone floors, featuring soft shades of grey and blue with hand-cut tumbled edges and a brushed aged finish. These hard-wearing limestone tiles complement both modern and traditional settings, making them excellent for versatile outdoor spaces as well as indoors.

Another excellent option is the Madras Limestone Tumbled & Aged. With a unique combination of sage, grey and amber undertones, its hand-cut tumbled edges and aged finish add distinctive character to any space. Suitable for both interior and exterior use, Madras limestone allows for a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas, perfect for patios, gardens and pathways, which leads us on to our next tip…

Seamlessly Transition From Inside To Outside

Creating a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor spaces can enhance the flow and continuity of your home. Using matching tiles for both areas is an effective way to achieve this. The Florence Natural Porcelain range is designed for such seamless transitions. This Italian porcelain tile mimics the charm of authentic stone and is available in five rich, natural colours. Its anti-slip 20mm exterior finish makes it versatile and safe for various outdoor conditions.

The Provence Natural Porcelain offers a similar solution with a classic limestone appearance. Available in two colours and large format exterior tiles, Provence tiles feature an anti-slip finish for outdoor use, ensuring safety without compromising on style. These tiles are perfect for creating a unified look across your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Create A Rustic Feel With Tumbled Effect Tiles

For a rustic and timeless appeal, tumbled effect tiles are a great option. The Riva Tumbled Stone Effect Porcelain is available in three colours and a large 900 x 600 size tile. This low-maintenance, cost-effective tile is perfect for creating an authentic and stylish exterior. Additionally, it comes in a matching 10mm interior tile, allowing for a consistent look from inside to outside.

Similarly, our new St Raphael Natural Porcelain is another excellent choice for achieving a rustic aesthetic. These exterior tiles feature a tumbled edge that mimics the look of authentic limestone, adding a timeless and realistic touch to any outdoor space.

Create An Earthy Look

For those who love the natural look of wood but seek the durability of porcelain, wood effect tiles are the perfect solution. The Ashdown Porcelain collection provides the natural appearance of hardwood floors while being hard-wearing and durable. These exterior tiles feature complex textures, including knots, scratches and grouted cracks, giving your outdoor space an earthy and realistic feel. Available in three natural wood tones and with a matching interior tile, Ashdown porcelain allows you to create harmonious spaces.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Spaces With Terzetto Stone

Upgrading your outdoor space with tiles can transform your home into a stylish and functional haven. Whether you prefer a contemporary look with large format tiles, a country style with flagstone flooring, or a rustic feel with tumbled effect tiles, Terzetto Stone offers a wide range of options to suit your taste and needs. Explore our collections today and discover how exterior tiles can elevate your outdoor living spaces.

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