Going Big With Decorative Tiles

Do you love the big, the bold and the dramatic? Or the delicate, colourful and the intriguing? Good news! Decorative tiles are back in style, and not just as a tiny square behind the sink. You can go all out, with whole walls of shapes, colours and textures.

What Will You Add With Decorative Tiles?

So what will decorative tiles add to your home? Here are a few things to ponder as you think about including them in your decor.

Patterns add energy. You don’t notice it much when they’re confined to a small area, but a wall of patterns will give you a positive energy and a sense of movement. If you have a dull room, try adding some pattern to include energy and drama – something to make guests sit up and say, ‘ooh, that’s different!’

Patterns aren’t a distraction when used wisely. The eye will always be drawn to decoration, so use it to guide people towards what you want them to notice. Feature walls are an excellent tool to redirect focus.

Thirdly, they can redefine your style. Minimalism used to be the biggest design trend, but now it has a new contender, maximalism. Maximalism is about going bold and busy, making a feast for the eyes by mixing patterns and styles. However, it’s not about being cluttered, messy or confusing.

It can be a little difficult to visualise, and although you can go big with decorative tiles, you don’t have to. Read on for some examples of using patterns.


The Modellato collection has 10 decor designs, which can be swapped, contrasted and played with to create the ‘wow factor’.

Decor Eight is especially great for experimenting. It has a pale background with brown diagonal lines and, by switching up the tile layout, it can form thick stripes, chevrons or a series of squares within squares.

Chevrons are a zig-zag arrangement, looking almost like arrows. These direct the viewer’s attention and even change how big the room looks. In a large, empty space, they can suggest intimacy and a proper sense of proportion, while a small, compact space will end up feeling larger than it actually is!

Alternatively, the Modellato Decor Six features tiny blue and grey petal shapes, repeated across the tile. This delicate design is suited to the floor in a period bathroom, where the decorative tiles can create a balanced, grounded space.


If you’re looking for something rich, colourful, and perfect for maximalism, you couldn’t do better than the Marseille Decor Sixteen.

This Italian tile is elegant, with a large motif in regal blue and gold. It puts one in mind of wealthy Victorian design, specifically the eclectic movement, the forerunner of maximalism. The tile’s suitable for wet and dry areas, so you can use it to create a splendid shower wall or bathroom floor.

Castello Aztec

Maximalists don’t just love patterns – they also embrace different textures, building them up in layers.

These Castello Aztec tiles are highly tactile. Each one has several different designs engraved on the porcelain surface, including flowers, swirls, interlocking circles and squares. They’re truly striking, even in a quiet white, grey or almond colour.

On the other hand, you can opt for Castello tiles in Musk or Black. These have varied textures within the tile, with a polished finish on the pattern and a natural finish on the background. The darker colours also make them more dynamic, an excellent way to add some drama.

What will you do with your decorative tiles? Add drama? Add texture? We can’t wait for you to get started!

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