Classy Cloakroom And Hallway Tiles

Size isn’t everything! Cloakrooms and hallways may be some of the smallest rooms in the house, but you can still turn them into striking statement pieces. Alternatively, you can pick some more understated cloakroom and hallway tiles, perfect for a classy design.

Deciding To Decorate

A typical project focuses on kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. Hallways and cloakrooms take a step back, even though these spaces are frequently used by your guests.

The hallway is your first opportunity to dazzle, while visitors are more likely to use the cloakroom rather than the upstairs bathroom. As for you, these are the rooms that welcome you home after the working day. You want them to be refreshing, relaxing and inviting.

Let’s begin by browsing cloakroom and hallway tiles. Bear in mind that hallways see high traffic and muddy footprints, while the cloakroom is at risk of splashes and spillages. For durable, easy-to-clean flooring, look for porcelain, limestone or marble.

Hallway Tiles

Let’s start with the entrance. This is your chance to strike the right tone, from sleek and modern to rustic and welcoming. Patterned tiles are a great way to make your mark, especially with such an array of tiles available.

For example, you can create a truly grand entrance with our Marseille hallway tiles. Marseille Décor Sixteen offers stunning motifs in blue and copper brown, an excellent choice for a country house or stylish flat.

On the other hand, you might want to invite visitors in with a chic, understated hallway floor. The Modellato range has ten different tiles, giving you plenty to choose from, including a star décor in cool grey tones. The cool neutrals are perfect for a traditional monochrome, while the starry hallway tiles are a terrific talking point!

Perhaps you’re interested in a more traditional or minimalist design. Chequerboard flooring is simple, elegant and timeless, especially with Venetian Chequer White and Nero Marble. These tiles have a unique appeal, with lightly tumbled edges for a gorgeous vintage look.

Venetian Chequer is also excellent for kitchens, letting you create a seamless flow from the hallway to the kitchen floor. Continuous flooring is very much in style and it’s the perfect way to connect your hallway with the rest of your house.

Cloakroom Tiles

Cloakrooms can be tiny, but that’s no reason not to decorate. New tiles can actually make a space seem bigger, and if you’re thinking of embarking on a big house project, a cloakroom can be a great place to start. There’s less pressure than there would be on a bedroom or living room, so why not take the plunge with your favourite colour?

Blue would be an exquisite choice for your cloakroom. It’s become a popular colour for bathrooms in general as it suggests tranquillity and gentleness, ideal for a relaxing bathroom retreat. Our Modellato Décor Two adds a serene blue in a meticulous pattern, creating a peaceful, classy space.

You can continue with this theme with the Marseille Décor Three, whose soft swirls suggest a gentle, but traditional aesthetic. It ties in well with neutral shades, although blue towels or cabinets would stand out beautifully.

Our Geneva Chevron also creates a chic interior, but in gorgeous black, coast and silver shades. The tiles are arrayed in a feather-like pattern, which appears to extend the room and suggests a larger space. It can also tile the walls for a continuous flow of marble-look porcelain.

Many designers pick a marble look for bathrooms and cloakrooms, partly due to marble’s antibacterial properties. Alanya Rose Honed Marble makes for a clean and classy interior, with a white surface toned down by light grey marbling. It’s elegant and distinguished, also available in narrow bricks should you wish to experiment with an interesting herringbone layout.

Alternatively, you might choose the earthy, organic hues that are so popular this year. The Marseille Décor Seventeen offers rich brown tones in bold, blocky shapes, bringing the current trend right into your cloakroom. These hues are also in vogue for hallway tiles!

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