The Charms Of Blue Tiles

There are few colours as irresistible as blue. From morning sky to midnight shades, blue tiles can make for a truly enchanting interior design.

Different shades of blue contribute something new to the mood of a room, from calm, cool and peace to softness, healing and health. Imbue your home with a sense of tranquillity or take it to the next level with some particularly elegant and luxurious blue tiles.

French-Inspired Brick

Small-format tiles have endless possibility, especially in a mesmerising blue! These brick-like tiles are incredibly versatile, with their small size making them economical and easy to use to fill any space.

Our Monaco Glazed Ceramic range features decorative brick tiles, inspired by eye-catching French designs and creating gorgeous bathrooms or stunning feature walls. Their waterproof nature also means they can form backsplashes and shower walls, turning a generally nondescript area into a section of brilliant colour! Our Monaco blue brick tiles come in two shades, with Azure Blue and Ocean tiles creating an enchanting deep-sea vibe just perfect for a bathroom.

Alternatively, add a touch of modern design with our Metallic Glazed Blue Brick, which boasts iridescence and a metallic sheen that will truly set your home apart. Its shifting colours add instant glamour, while the small size makes it ideal for experimenting, combining with an array of other colours to form your very own design! Blue tiles go well with almost any colour, from bright yellows and oranges for a playful environment to intimate spaces in blue and emerald. Twin shades of light and dark blue can concoct the ultimate space for relaxation, while blue and rust-brown offers a wonderful vintage simplicity.

Intricate Blue Tiles

Old-fashioned or vintage aesthetics are particularly popular, with our wall tiles used to suggest something from another era. For instance, our Mercia Old World range is made to look hand-painted, with uneven edges and a worn appearance to suggest an antique, relaxed and comfortable feel. Beiges and blues combine in our Mercia Porcelain Decor One and Two, the hand-painted look conveying individuality and a cottage-like aesthetic. Similarly, our Fiorino Maiolica blue tiles have a sense of uniqueness and a worn surface, decorated in cool shades with scale-like patterns that look intriguing and stylish.

A Real Gem

Blue tiles can be magical, but there’s one tile that really steals the show at Terzetto. Our Onyx porcelain is art in tile form, mimicking the delicate strata and seductive beauty of authentic onyx. Among these gems, our Onyx Blue Polished Porcelain shows you the full effects of the colour blue, with varying shades, translucent areas and shifting tones. Veined with gold, calculated to create a stunning 3D appearance, these blue tiles will transform any room, giving you an awe-inspiring bathroom, kitchen, entrance hall or living room.

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