5 Inspiring Bathroom Trends For 2024

As we approach 2024, the bathroom trends shaping our design choices are bold, sophisticated and remarkably impactful. Let’s dive into the top five trends that are already redefining bathroom spaces.

Transform your bathroom into a haven of tranquillity. One of our favourite bathroom trends for 2024, the ‘spathroom’ trend merges spa aesthetics with your daily ablutions. Opt for smooth-textured marble tiles in calming tones like blue, green, pink, grey, or white for a cohesive and luxurious feel.

Our recommended tiles:

Onyx Polished Porcelain
These onyx effect tiles are effortlessly opulent. The smooth, polished surface and a range of calming tones make them a perfect choice for creating a spa-inspired haven in your bathroom.

Corinthian Polished Marble
Embrace true luxury with these authentic marble tiles. The intricate veining and polished finish add a touch of grandeur, turning your bathroom into an exclusive retreat.

Diana Royal Polished Marble
Diana Royal Polished Marble tiles exude an enduring sense of class. With a polished surface and a refined colour palette, these tiles bring a sense of luxury to your ‘spathroom’ sanctuary.


Texture takes centre stage among 2024 bathroom trends. Textured tiles move beyond living rooms and bedrooms into the bathroom. Explore the sensory delight of textured surfaces, adding depth and character to your space.

Our recommended tiles:

Osaka Kit Kat Porcelain Tiles
Osaka Kit Kat Porcelain Tiles offer a unique textural experience. The ‘kit kat’ format introduces a playful yet sophisticated element to your bathroom walls or floors.

Castello Aztec Natural Porcelain
Immerse yourself in the tactile beauty of these porcelain tiles. The three-dimensional surface adds depth and interest, creating a bathroom that engages the senses.

Saturn Polished Porcelain
These tiles bring a contemporary edge with a grooved texture. Their finish adds a touch of industrial chic, making a statement in any bathroom.

Vertical Tile Stacking

Gone are the days of uniform white squares. Embrace vertical tile stacking, a contemporary take on the classic New York subway tile. Ideal for smaller spaces, especially downstairs toilets, bathroom trends like this create an illusion of height, making the room appear more spacious.

Our recommended tiles:

Monaca Glazed Ceramic
These tiles offer a timeless appeal with a glazed ceramic finish, bringing a classic touch to vertical tile stacking. The sleek surface and varying tones ensure versatility in a range of design schemes.

Metallic Glazed Brick
Elevate your bathroom with these Metallic Glazed Brick tiles, adding a touch of modern sophistication. The metallic finish introduces a contemporary edge, perfect for those seeking a bold aesthetic.

Regent Glazed Ceramic
Update your space with the elegance of Regent Glazed Ceramic tiles. The handcrafted look and neutral tones ensure a lasting and versatile aesthetic for your walls. Ideal for those seeking an artisanal charm in their bathroom design.

Large-Format Tiles

Large-format tiles are now dominating residential bathroom trends. With their seamless appearance and easy maintenance, these tiles create a modern, sleek aesthetic, especially when used consistently on walls and floors.

Our recommended tiles:

Aqua Aged Natural Porcelain
Elevate your bathroom with the timeless charm of Aqua Aged Natural Porcelain tiles. The aged finish imparts a sense of vintage elegance, while the natural porcelain material ensures durability. Ideal for creating a serene ambience in your space.

Travertine Natural Porcelain
Infuse your bathroom with the warmth of natural aesthetics using these tiles. They replicate the classic look of travertine stone, adding a touch of organic beauty to your large-format design. The natural porcelain material ensures both style and durability, creating a welcoming and enduring bathroom atmosphere.

Moderna Natural Porcelain
Moderna Porcelain tiles embody contemporary chic. Their large scale and minimalist design contribute to a clean look, which is perfect for modern bathrooms.

Floor Tile Patterns

Make a statement from the ground up. Intricate floor patterns like hexagons, chevrons and herringbones are stealing the spotlight for bathroom trends. If large-format tiles aren’t your style, expressive floor designs might tick more of your boxes.

Our recommended tiles:

Geneva Chevron Porcelain
Upgrade your floors with Geneva Chevron Porcelain tiles. The chevron pattern introduces a dynamic visual element, while the porcelain material ensures durability and easy maintenance.

Alanya Rose Honed Marble Bricks
These bricks bring warmth and elegance to your bathroom floor. The honed finish highlights the natural beauty of marble, creating a timeless and inviting space.

Amazonia Antiqued Hexagon Mosaic
Mosaic tiles infuse character, especially this particular tile with its hexagonal design. The antiqued finish adds a touch of vintage charm, making a captivating statement in your bathroom.

Make These Bathroom Trends Your Own

Incorporating these trends into your bathroom not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also creates a space that resonates with your lifestyle and preferences. Terzetto Stone offers a curated selection of tiles to help you bring these bathroom trends to life.

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