Experimenting With Bathroom Renovation

Times are changing and so is interior design! From hallways to living rooms, kitchens to showers, homeowners are mixing things up with new patterns, new materials and new priorities. When it comes to bathroom renovation, designers are switching between the traditional and the modern, embracing monochrome, colours and unexpected patterns to create highly individualised bathrooms.

Many stylistic decisions revolve around tiles, the decor of choice for wet and steamy rooms, so let’s kickstart your bathroom renovation by brainstorming some tile-based aesthetics!

Plain Or Patterned?

You might feel it’s time to mix it up, abandoning plain tiles for patterns, or vice versa. This decision might even be the main feature of your bathroom renovation, as you act in favour of bright colours and interesting decoration.

Combining plain and patterned tiles is always a good design option, whether you choose to have four plain walls and an eye-catching floor or a stunning accent wall that immediately draws the eye. Pink and green make outstanding complimentary colours, ideal for such contrasts, while the iconic Terrazzo tile uses coloured chips to combine both shades into one pattern. If you’ve got your heart set on a stand-out accent wall, then why not place a decorative Terrazzo wall against Venice Plain Matt Porcelain for a truly unified look in pink and green?

This isn’t to say you can’t have black and white. Monochrome has been associated with bathrooms for decades, now available in a variety of patterns. You might opt for an Amazonia Mosaic, adding the current craze for patterns to the classic contrast of dark and light. It really is up to you, as bathroom renovation becomes more inventive and diverse!

Seamless Bathroom Renovation

Of course, there’s a reason why a seamless flow of plain tiles has been so popular. It conveys an effortless grace and modernity, especially when the designer used an elegant marble porcelain. Marble instantly suggests style, sophistication and an almost palatial luxury. For example, the Altissimo range provides a spotless white background, decorated with delicate gold and grey veining that cannot fail to impress.

Nor do you need patterns in order to create a monochrome interior. Muted tiles, such as the Matina Grigio, can be used in conjunction with cream, taupe and beige to create a softer look, known as warm monochrome. This subtle contrast is perfect for a continuous flow of sleek tiles, forming a contemporary aesthetic conducive to a relaxing bathroom space.

Rethinking Your Materials

Designers are starting to go back to basics, bringing the rustic look back into the bathroom. You might opt for a Travertine-style porcelain with an amazingly intricate texture to recall a natural stone aesthetic. Alternatively, you might explore wood-look porcelain, bringing the rich warmth of a steam-filled spa into your bathroom. You could go further, turning the space into an art gallery with our astonishing Onyx Matt tiles, with mesmerising shifts in colour and gold-rimmed strata running through the design. There’s the option to use the latter as an accent wall or to highlight a certain area, as an observer will definitely be drawn to this most magical material.

Now is the time to experiment with every aspect of your bathroom renovation, from the tile texture to the colour scheme!

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