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The Stone Story

Stone Sourcing

Years of extensive research and forging well established contacts throughout the world have enabled us to provide our customers with a Premium Quality and an exclusive selection of stone. We import directly from reputable quarries where we have personally visited and inspected. Working closely with the quarries we are enabled to provide a very thorough selection process of Marble, Limestone, Travertine & Slate. As natural stone experts we are very experienced at working with and supplying architects, designers, developers, kitchen and bathroom specialists and their clients to create the desired look and feel for any residential or commercial project. We are focused on customer satisfaction and ensuring they receive only the highest quality of stone available.


Working directly from our warehouse in Tockwith, Yorkshire our skilled and experienced stone fabricators work to the highest level to create be a beautiful and bespoke finish to your natural stone. During the fabrication process our experienced specialists will cut the stone slabs to your personal requirement. Our skillful and knowledgeable fabricators are instructed to keep the joints/seams to a minimum, while maximizing the use of the stone in each slab. After the stone has been cut to the appropriate size, whether it be a staircase, fireplace, vanity top, work surface, skirting or step treads – we can personally shape and polish your stone to your desired finish and look.


Natural stone is a beautiful material suitable for both contemporary and traditional properties. The subtle variation of colour hues, crystal veins and fossil imprints, variety of finishes and, more importantly, the uniqueness of every single piece, make stone tiling an impressive feature.

 It is definitely worthwhile investing into stone floors because of the longevity of the material. The stone and its installation is still much more cost effective in the long run compared to wooden floors or carpets as it can be enjoyed for many years to come without the need for replacement. In fact, recently the price of the stone has become more competitive therefore making it affordable for all households. It is particularly important to remember that investing into a long-lasting luxurious floor covering will enhance the value of your property.

 There is an existing misconception that natural stone floors require a lot of maintenance which in reality is not the case at all. Nowadays, there are sealants available which last up to 5 years and provide protection against dirt, water or any spillages. Sealing stone tiles is a very easy, fast and uncomplicated process.

Our customers often ask about the main differences between main types of stone used for wall and floor tiles.

Travertine has a naturally very porous structure. When the stone is cut into tiles, small holes become exposed on the surface which can be left untreated for a natural look or filled in with resin and honed at the factory.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock. Limestone ranges vary greatly in density and hardness. Limestone has a lot of depth and character as it is made out of fossil fragments which make it such an interesting and desirable stone.

Marble starts its life as limestone which is then re-crystallised by mountain-building process. Marble is available in a great variety of colours due to its natural elements. Often a contrasting in colour veining is seen running through the stone adding to the character and uniqueness of this stone.

Slate has riven surface which makes it a great choice for those who appreciate natural texture of this stone.


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